90’s Rnb.

I know Nothing about puppy love.
I really don’t.

You were my first love,
Yes I was 15 and
Yes you were 17
But it was soo real.
You couldn’t tell us nothing!

We created this bubble,
Just you and I
Living in it, unashamed and flawless..

You were my love at first sight,
I remember exactly where you were when I first saw you ..
I can still remember how I felt,
How your words just carried weight in my ears..
How your presence brought me peace.

I knew then, on that very day..
We would be more than friends..

It would be a link,
A connection of 2 souls,

This is not a vow,
Nor is it a promise..

I just felt it..
I still do..

Even when you’re aren’t mine anymore,
I still feel it.

That love,
that pull…
That electric energy we couldn’t fight before and we are embracing now.

I won’t forget what you meant to me,
Maybe I see it more now..
I won’t forget what you mean to me,
And I am forever embracing it now.


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