I woke up feeling Soft today,

Soft- ‘easy to mold, cut, compress, or fold; not hard or firm to the touch.’

I’m not entirely sure the definition applies to what I feel..

I woke up with a sense of longing,
A clarity of emptiness..

I want to be able to absorb what I feel,
what is felt for me.. what is eventually left behind.

But, I find myself shaping and molding into this character/person/impression I have set out for myself..
I take it all in and decipher all the details…

I want to soak it all up like a sponge,
But there are little pieces missing..
Little bits of wholes missing.

I want to bend and succumb to my expectations..
To my idea/ideal image
Of happiness/love/peace/oneness.

I woke up feeling soft..
In the most negative way..
The most vulnerable way..
The most empty way.


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