Earthy Black Magic.. (between poetry and a conversation)

I have a vision of a fairy-tale..

Not prince charming on a white horse,
But Earthy Black Magic..

He comes to me in abundance, shapes of different figures that change my perception of man..
Bits and pieces of love.

“It’s like a mixtape or a piece of effortless artwork.
Sometimes you give the universe sections of your fantasy and She listens and gives you back the best feedback…

It’s like getting to hear a snippet of music from your favourite artist..
Knowing there is so much more they could throw at your thirsty ass.. but this is just Enough.”

When he looks at me..
It’s not just the obvious..
Yes Iam Queen, Yes Iam beautiful..
But he sees more..
More than what I’ve laid out for him or me.. but a depth I wouldn’t be able to express.

When I say fairy-tale, I’m not taking about Cinderella and snow-white.. I happened to have had good things go forth in my life..
I’m not sitting/waiting around for someone to come and lift me off my feet..

My Earthy-tale (which is my version of a fairy-tale) is a manifest of a belief..
A belief that you can have somebody, believe in who you are …As you are.. and love you for who you are …As you are.

We get caught up on thinking love is dead.. especially #blackLove ..
that we do everything to sabotage any flicker of hope and happiness in that regard.
Love is known as weak, and vulnerable..And frankly not in the best sense.”

But you see…
My black love..
My earthy fairy-tale..
Is a reassurance,
Not just to me..
But to him too..
That Yes,
I see you..
Yes I feel you
And Yes..
You are everything and more!

So y’ll know I love me a black man right?, yes chiild… let him be black and let him be beautiful.
With that being said, I just want us to have a conversation about “Love”!
What does Love make you feel?, how does it relate to you?
What is love?
How does it come to you? (in the very many different shapes, ways and looks it may have)
I bet you’re cringing as we speak.
That’s the emotional association we have with our feelings.
Anything that exposes you, will hurt you right?
Don’t get it twisted, we aren’t that different.

Confession, I’m a hopeless romantic, but in the most millennial way!

I want love to come to me, but I want it to know who Iam, what I want and how to love me!
Yes that is absolutely fucked up! And yes that is how we all feel, to a certain extent.
To an extent where most will say, they do not feel love!
There is no such thing as love!

“Me!.. Feelings?.. heell nuuuh!” “you better Run My nigga…Run!”

We can call this the new age, of no hope, no patience and zero motive to learn. But this shit been here!…

My mum tells me stories about how my dad approached her, and no lie.. hand on the bible, He fluked his way out of the friend zone!
She goes on to ask me why I put everyone in the friend zone?… *cue the Major eyeroll*

Anyway, lets get back on track; Love.

So, I want us to have this conversation.. because it is needed. We really shouldn’t feel vulnerability and emotions are necessarily negative things.
Something so pure and Real, should not bring doubt to you.
This is not for me to say that you holding back will not happen, nuh.. it is a process, just let it.
When it comes, let it.
When you see it, Do not run!
If it is true, embrace it.
Take time to express it, know that it is coming from you First!
Allow yourself to learn and be taught.
I know I say this All the time… but real talks..if You Do not love Yourself… how do you expect Love from others to come to you?
That being said, go back up this page and re-read Earthy Black Magic.

Ps: shout out to the beautiful being that is Kofi Siriboe riding a black horse portraying my fantasy. *insert laughing & crying emoji*

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