‘I Do’. ‘I Do Not’.

Who told you, you could come into my life and switch it up?

Empty promises of forever afters..

They say, look forward to the fairy-tale wedding and loves expression .
But look at us now..

I’m broken..
You are lost.


You let everyone​ else get the better of us!
They took a chunk of what was supposed to be our love!

I don’t care what you say…
Don’t you ever think it is OK to leave me hanging!

To say yes..but run from my I do!

What kind of coward are you?
You mean to tell me you couldn’t stand on your own 2 feet?

You mean to tell me.. sticking up for you and giving​ you all of me.. wasn’t enough?

Blame it on them?

Be that bitch they expected you to be..
and blame it on them!



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