Lust. Hang in there, it’s mostly seasonal.

**Soo good you want a piece.

Piece of this,
pieces of more.

I just want to take a bite.
Just a little Bite and then I’m all yours.

Promises you made to her.

You said it wouldn’t last.
That you wasn’t addicted

You weren’t attached.
You didn’t crave the feel of her hands.

The rush of lust when her lips twitched.

How she looks at you for a couple of seconds at a time..

…you start thinking about that one time, she was in your face.. eyes half closed, hips slightly swayed.. and you swear you and her were on the same breath.

Just one last time.
Yes.. this one time.
And then I swear Iam done.

It doesn’t even mean anything to me!

It’s just a quick dip!

Baby it’s exotic and luscious!
Only here for the season.

Baby it won’t even last long.

I swear, let me just have …
One last ..

Ok baby..
She don’t even mean shit.
You know you’re the shit to me!

All I want is you.

But.. but.. if I could have..

Nuh.. you know what?
Let’s not even go there.

See.. this is what you feenin..



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